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Our goal is to provide easier, faster and most useful patent mining solutions.
Founded in 1999, WISDOMAIN provides comprehensive patent search and analysis solutions to increase patent mining efficiency and precision. WISDOMAIN re-interprets global patent databases from a whole new angle and creates unparalleled services to help IP professionals track technology changes and trends across the industry. WISDOMAIN’s flagship ActionablePatents boasts innovative patent mining solutions with intuitive user interface that helps users navigate Big Data quickly and easily with access to powerful analytics tools to help improve workflow and increase productivity.

IP Valuation & Monetization

IP valuation with reliable metrics
Improve due diligence
Identify potential monetization candidates

Risk Analysis

Potential Infringements
Patent (In)Validity Analysis
Litigation Trends and Legal Status

Technology Landscape

Find innovation opportunities
Whitespace analysis for validating pathways
IP categorization and technology trends

IP Portfolio Management

Comprehensive portfolio evaluation
Technology strength and competitiveness
Gain essential knowledge over IP assets