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ActionablePatents Smart Features

Use Smart Tools to instantly increase your search productivity. Smart Tools always appears on your search result screen so you can immediately create interactive charts, perform citation analysis, view litigation history, generate patent landscape, visualize patent family tree, highlight the keywords, download search results and more.
Smart Tools


Assign colors to keywords and highlight them in documents

Scroll View

Review searched patent documents in full-text without opening each document

Smart Viewer

Review multiple patent drawings and bibliography in slideshow mode

Document comparison

Display two patent documents side-by-side for easy comparison


Download patent data in multiple file formats – Excel, PDF, CSV, XML, LAD

My Folder

Save result in private folders with annotations, create and manage shared folders

Email Patent Links

Email selected patents in a list with hyperlinks to access patent data

Batch Print

Compile multiple PDF documents to a single file for batch print


Drill-down on search result with patent classification codes, USPC, CPC, IPC

Multi Citation Analysis

Perform citation analysis and create charts directly from the search result

Family Expansion / Family Deduplication

List family patents for selected patents from the search result. / Remove family patent duplicates from the search result.


Instantly find litigation related patents and view case complaints

Text Mining

Create visual presentation of patent landscape directly from search result

Advanced Charts

Filter search result, create 3D charts, download charts in Excel